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My philosophy of traveling with a young family:

Book the trip or hop in the car and go. If you don’t, you’ll never go anywhere. Yes, you’ll have more to lug through the airport or pack in the car than before you had kids (see my packing checklists on our blog) and there will be an occasional challenging moment (or two), but you’ll have memories you and your children will always cherish, your children will learn about the world they live in and you’ll learn something about yourself or your family while you’re at it. 


The story of the name “Little B and the Boy”:

When I was pregnant with my twins, doctors referred to my babies as Baby A and Baby B (as they always do with twins). Baby A was a boy and Baby B was a girl. I recall at some point a month or two after the babies were born my dad stopped me and said, “You do realize your children have names, don’t you?”. As time went on, we continued to refer to our children as Baby B, which soon morphed into Little B, and the Boy (Baby A never stuck). We still find ourselves today calling our girl Little B and referring to our boy as “the Boy”. Together, they are Little B and the Boy.